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RGS Strategies For Religious Ministries

The Challenge

The Chief of Naval Operations (CNO) tasked the Chief of Navy Chaplains (CoC) to determine the most effective and efficient way to deliver religious ministry to the Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard to optimize mission readiness and care for the service members and their families.

To accomplish this, the Navy Chaplain Corps (CHC) needed to evaluate and implement strategies for providing religious ministry to service members and their families that addressed and resolved the following challenges:

  • Shifts in national religious demographics
  • Continuing evolution of the Navy Enterprise concept and changes in the missions of the Sea Services
  • The impact of two wars and an increase in optempo
  • Existing Chaplain Corps recruiting and retention issues
  • The need to develop meaningful performance measures and metrics

The Solution

RGS introduced the CHC to a process-driven approach to developing and implementing a strategic plan for Religious Ministry in the Department of the Navy. The approach utilized the Navy Performance Excellence Guidebook (NPEG) framework, which provides credibility and alignment with other Navy strategies. We developed the approach, templates, and a framework for collecting and validating religious ministry requirements which would account for the different needs of sailors, Marines, guardians, and their families depending on their location, deployment status, command structure, and mission.

RGS facilitated and provided implementation support for the execution of strategic objectives, including the development of updated policies, a human capital management strategy, a career development framework, and performance measures and metrics.

Business Results

The Chief of Chaplains received concurrence from the CNO, Commandant of the Marine Corps, and Commandant of the Coast Guard on the vision, mission, core capabilities, and priority/depth of service for religious ministry to service members and their families.

We developed and published an organizational profile and strategic plan documenting the Navy’s long-term (five-year) goals and supporting annual actionable strategies for religious ministry.

CHC worked with United States Fleet Forces Command and Commander, Navy Installations Command using RGS’ workforce modeling process to collect and validate requirements for input into POM 10 across the warfare and provider enterprises. CHC was able to obtain a 5% increase in manning.

We developed of a Professional Naval Chaplaincy (PNC) – the foundational concept and policies related to career management and development, roles and responsibilities, and the tools necessary to maintain proper community health. 

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